Top 10 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements

With the cost of living rising constantly, many have found it hard to afford the basic commodities without having to go overwork. With energy being a basic commodity in many houses so as to run properly, many may find themselves trying to save on energy without success. Below are some Top 10 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements to do in your home to help bring down energy costs.

iStock_000007015417XSmall1. Seal around doors and windows

When it comes to looking at the Top 10 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements sealing around doors and windows is the first thing to do. With the fact that windows and doors are fitted in blank spaces, some space may unintentionally be left open that brings in cold air while releasing warm air. Sealing such areas will significantly lower energy costs.

2. Replace old windows and doors

This has to be done by using greener materials such as wood instead on steel framings. This way when it comes heating the rooms, a lot of energy will not be consumed in the process.

3. Seal ducts

Just like doors and windows, ducts in the house often lead to loss of energy in the home. In this regard to avoid unwanted air from seeping in or to loss warm air through the ducts, it is best to do repairs early on any ducts that are suspect.

4. Use Infrared heaters

Infrared heaters do not need a lot of time to heat up the room and can be turned only when needed. This is unlike most heaters which need to be started hours in
5. Upgrade your dishwasher

In the list of Top 10 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements to do, upgrading the dish washer is one of things that has to be changed. This is for the simple reason that they use only half the amount of water used by its predecessors, this way lowering energy consumption.

6. Insulate upstairs to avoid losing energy

With the fact that not many people spend time in the artic or on upper floors, insulation is not normally done in such areas. This on the other hand drives the energy costs to go higher. To avoid this it is best to insulate every place in the house.

jaclo7. Use of low flow fixtures on water

Another way to reduce energy costs that is found in the top 10 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements is using low flow water fixtures in the house. This way when it comes to using minimum amount of energy, the effect can also be felt on the bills payable.

8. Use florescent light bulbs

With lighting technology advancing over the years, new better versions of light bulbs have been reduced. In this case use of fluorescent light bulbs is advisable as it will reduce energy costs significantly.

9. Use a Programmable thermostat

This is best used instead of a regular thermostat as it will save more than$160 in a year. With the fact that it is self-regulatory, one does not as it constantly change the stings to reap its benefits.Programmable-Thermostat
10. Use stack on washing machines

This will not only reduce laundry work in the home but will also reduce energy costs. This comes about as it they are 2in1 as washers and dryers, and have been found to use considerable low energy than use of separate equipment’s.


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